In the European Structural Funds period 2007-2013 the Free State of Thuringia offered 28 million Euros for funding activities focusing on transnational and interregional cooperation from the European Structural Funds - European Social Fund (ESF) and European Fund for Regional Development (ERDF).

On behalf of the Thuringian Ministry for Economy, the State Development Corporation of Thuringia (LEG Thüringen) established the Thuringian Coordination Office for Transnational and Interregional Activities (Thuringian Coordination Office TNA). This Office was in charge of funding transnational activities according to the ERDF Operational Program, topic 1, field of action 1.3 (p. 72 et seq.) and according to the ESF Operational Program (abstract in English), Priority Axis E (p. 72 et seq.). Funding conditions were defined in a so called “handbook TNA”.

Concerning the ERDF activities, a call ERDF-TNA was carried out in order to fund transnational and interregional projects dealing with R&D and innovation annually from 2008 to 2011. In total, 40 projects were funded which are listed in the Project Database.

Concerning the ESF activities, the focus was on international mobility for employees and entrepreneurs.  Around 240 individuals got financial support for the exchange of experience, the participation in specialized workshops or the recruitment of skilled employees from other European countries. Furthermore, several transnational workshops got financial support as well as some project partners for initiating an international cooperation.

After ending of the Structural Funds Period the Thuringian Coordination Office TNA finished its work.

Concerning the current Structural Funds Period, information about funding programs is available at:

  • Thüringer Aufbaubank (EFRE) and
  • Gesellschaft für Arbeits- und Wirtschaftsförderung des Freistaats Thüringen (GFAW) (ESF).

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