Adduction of biomedical sensors
Medical Engineering
Total Costs of Thuringian Project Partners
318.000 €
Total Funding of Thuringian Project Partners
238.500 €
Total Costs of International Cooperation Partners
209.000 €
Project Description
The adduction (approach to contact) of biomedical sensors to the human body is an extensive technical problem. All existing solutions don’t solve this task completely. A typical example is the electroencephalography (EEG). Since 70 years all sensors (electrodes) were put manually for measurement. All efforts of automatically mechanical approach with technical mechanism (screws, springs, magnets…) were failed. Here, the bionic approach of this project targets a smart solution. Based on the natural antetype of biologic tentacles (helix pomatia L.) a new general method of positioning biomedical sensors. The first concrete aim is to build up a demonstration system for automatic approach of EEG electrodes to the human skin. The necessary compliance for man-machine interaction will be integrated because of using medical silicone with different Shore Härte. As result of project a new biological inspired basic technology for positioning, holding and manipulation of biomedical sensors on human body was developed. This new approach was several times already awarded by exhibitions for innovators
Thuringian Project Partners
JenaSquid GmbH & Co. KG
International Cooperation Partners
Dipartimento di Elettrotecnica Politecnico di Milano

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