Regenerative Technologies
Total Costs of Thuringian Project Partners
270.000 €
Total Funding of Thuringian Project Partners
202.500 €
Total Costs of International Cooperation Partners
60.160 €
Project Description
The project "EnergieWerkStadt" aimed at establishing operational information and advisory centres at the municipal and regional level which function as interface between planning and implementation of projects in the field of renewable energies and climate protection. Primarily, target groups are small and medium-sized municipalities which often don’t have capabilities and specialised knowledge to put directives into practice, because of missing personnel and lack of funding. As a part of the project, possibilities of energetic urban redevelopment were considered by use of different model projects and taking into account the full working areas related to which are inevitable for realisation of concrete projects, like financing models, education and marketing strategies, etc. The results serve as a basis for conception, implementation and practical realisation of the idea of "EnergieWerkStadt" in the three different model regions. Inside the "EnergieWerkStädte" the bundling, coordination and transfer to issues all around energetic urban renewal was in focus. Being a central venue its fields of activities are to counsel, to supervise and to support the potential users during the whole phase of planning process, to facilitate and to connect working groups, as well as to provide access to existing information and contact persons. For this purpose, the “EnergieWerkStädte” make available tools and aids for all imaginable issues in the scope of energetic urban renewal, both user-oriented and related to practice.
Thuringian Project Partners
Ingenieurbüro Henning-Jacob
International Cooperation Partners
Universität Liechtenstein

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