Innovative small sewage treatment plants
Environmental Engineering
Total Costs of Thuringian Project Partners
305.890 €
Total Funding of Thuringian Project Partners
227.786 €
Total Costs of International Cooperation Partners
50.000 €
Project Description
Since 2005, according to the EU Directives 91/271/EEC and 98/15/EC, all domestic sewages must be fully biologically cleaned. Many compact waste water treatment plants, however, are outdated and not in conformity with the prescribed requirements. In Thuringia, about 80.000 existing sewage plants are affected thereof and further 70.000 plants have to built subsequently as well. (1) Currently the quality control systems in domestic sewages and gray water systems are unprovided, and the installed cleaning processes are operating more or less unchecked. The aim of this project was the optimization of processes for improved biological cleaning and disinfection of graywater and wastewater as well as the development of an appropriate monitoring system. Therefore a new sewage-water plant was developed according to the above mentioned circumstances. (1) Quoted from “State detection of small treatment plants in Thuringia and proposals for the technical implementation of the requirements of the Waste Water Ordinance " on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Environment of the Free State of Thuringia.
Thuringian Project Partners
Ostthüringer Wasser- und Abwasser GmbH
International Cooperation Partners
BAMO Mesures SAS

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