3E: Renewable Energy for Cities - An Expert System
Regenerative Technologies
Total Costs of Thuringian Project Partners
191.657 €
Total Funding of Thuringian Project Partners
142.278 €
Total Costs of International Cooperation Partners
20.000 €
Project Description
The project "3E: Renewable Energy for Cities – An Expert System" aims at quantifying the potentials of cities to produce green energy and to introduce concrete measures to stimulate their proliferation. An expert system is developed to outline technically viable, ecologically responsible and economically feasible options of renewable energy production and to combine them in order to achieve robust synergies that make conventional supply structures obsolete. The expert system had been developed in two model regions (Thuringia and southern Austria). As result of this, some investment has been done by installing PV-elements on the roofs of public owned buildings.
Thuringian Project Partners
JHJ - Bleicherode Projekt- und Unternehmensberatung
International Cooperation Partners
RMA (Ressourcen Management Agentur)

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