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Total Costs of Thuringian Project Partners
466.983 €
Total Funding of Thuringian Project Partners
349.962 €
Total Costs of International Cooperation Partners
314.216 €
Project Description
The project deals with the effective use of energy in the area of large infrastructures. For demonstration und for defining use cases the partners have selected the increase of energy efficiency with the use of optimized processes on the airport apron. In addition an increase of safety and security will be found as a direct project result, too. To realize these goals, hard and software were developed to localize aircrafts, all vehicles and specialized personnel on the apron and taxiway of an airport. The systems have to guarantee full functionality of an airport und all weather conditions. The developed systems will be integrated into normal airport controlling (airside, not runway). With the use of the new data the airport will be enabled to make common process optimization. So airports will be enabled to work much more energy efficient then before.
Thuringian Project Partners
IMMS Institut für Mikroelektronik- und Mechatronik-Systeme gGmbH (IMMS GmbH)
International Cooperation Partners
Aviation Administration/ "VEGA" AIRCOMPANY

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